On those days when it feels like winter in April, why not add a little California to your life with an l.a.Eyeworks frame? In 1979, two inseparable high school friends named Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi opened a storefront on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and, unsurprisingly, they quickly grew to become an internationally renowned eyewear company that we are proud to feature in our store. Today, l.a.Eyeworks remains independently owned under the leadership of McReynolds and Gherardi and aims to push the boundaries of eyewear design by pairing bold and daring frames with bright, expressive colours. Like their frames, l.a.Eyeworks also pushes societal boundaries with their ad campaigns. The l.a.Eyeworks Portrait Campaign has become iconic in LA and features a wide range of celebrities and cultural provocateurs from Danny Trejo, Reggie Watts, and John Waters to Grace Jones, Leslie Jordan and RuPaul. I guess it’s true that big names like funky frames!

l.a.Eyeworks’ mission is to challenge the status quo in a fun, proud and expressive way and we think they nailed it…I mean, what’s more fun than a frame named Pancake? Anyone who knows us here at The Optical Shoppe will also know that we love bringing a bright and energetic vibe to our store in whatever way we can, and l.a.Eyeworks’ passion for fun does that perfectly. Whether you’re someone who loves unexpected eyewear design or you just want to be amazed by how many different shapes glasses could possibly be made in, we’re sure that this brand will have a frame that (eye)works for you!