If you’re someone who misses Mardi Gras every time you see a beaded necklace, it might be time to join the KREWE crew! Based in New Orleans, KREWE designs bring an element of culture and eclecticism to the optical industry that is totally unique, just like their hometown. In 2013, photographer Stirling Barrett wanted to find another way to capture the essence of New Orleans and stumbled upon his grandfather’s vintage frame collection, giving him all of the inspiration he needed to jumpstart his eyewear brand. KREWE has since grown exponentially as an eyewear company, earning praise from fashion icons like Beyoncé and Meghan Markle. By 2019, Barrett was recognized on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of the most influential innovators in art and style, and once you see some of the colours these frames come in, you’ll see why. 

Stirling Barrett believes the common perception of New Orleans is that it’s a city grounded in the past, but with the personality that each KREWE frame has, he hopes that he can breathe a new, modern life into New Orleans. Here at The Optical Shoppe, we love a frame with attitude and what has more attitude than a frame modelled after the French Quarter? KREWE made their Optical Shoppe debut in October and we can’t believe they weren’t here sooner! From bridge to temple, KREWE is an absolute party and since it’s already a party over here 24/7, it really was time we added a Mardi Gras vibe to round out the atmosphere.