Package Deal Alert!! It’s been a busy summer and we’ve been hard at work this year to make your glasses-purchasing experience easier in the form of a new package offer. Starting in September, The Optical Shoppe will be offering full frame and lens deals on One True Pair frames starting at $300. If you’re not an eyewear expert with a comprehensive knowledge of every frame brand, you’re probably asking yourself, “One True Pair? What is that eyewear line all about?” and if you are, then we’ve got you covered. 

One True Pair, or OTP as the cool opticians say, is an eyewear brand designed with the millennial consumer in mind. OTP believes that eyewear should reflect the many different personalities and lifestyles encapsulated in the millennial generation, there’s a frame for the guy who wants to quit his day job and live in Paraguay for a year AND for the woman who wants to jumpstart her career and buy a house. We think they achieved this goal perfectly. Metal OTP frames are characterized by their minimalistic style while their plastic counterparts are thicker and bolder which gives a rounded out style profile to the collection.  

In addition to providing eyewear for the average near or far-sighted millennial, OTP’s mission is to be the most eco-friendly, environmentally conscious brand on the market. When you look through OTP frames, you’ll notice that this line uses a softer colour palette in their designs, which allows them to produce 100% biodegradable plastic frames with biodegradable demo lenses to match. And for those of us who prefer a frame with nosepads, OTP nosepads are also totally recyclable so from temple to bridge, OTP is truly the most biode-great-able line you’ll find. They didn’t just stop with the frame either. All packaging materials that are used to get the frames to our store are also totally biodegradable and OTP cases are made of sustainable cork composed entirely of regenerated materials. OTP has truly ensured that every step of your consumer experience has been examined through an eco-friendly lens (no pun intended). 

So if you find yourself downtown, don’t hesitate to come and check out this line – or come by our Sip n’ Shoppe night on September 7th. We’ll be open until 7:00pm that day to celebrate our new OTP package and we’ll save a snack or two for you! By the end the night you’ll be saying what we have for weeks: “One True Pair?? More like One True Package!”