Do you have a busy lifestyle that makes it hard for you to get downtown during the weekdays? Do you dream of being able to spend hours trying on glasses instead of rushing through it so that you can make it to your next meeting? Well you’re in luck because our opticians at The Optical Shoppe are now on wheels and ready to bring your favourite designer frames to your home or office! Whether you’re a corporate office with thousands of employees, a small business with an intimate staff or one employee who has way too much going on right now; if you’re looking for frames, we want are ready to come to you!

We believe that everyone should have the perfect frame to match their personality, which is why we make sure that every visit includes a frame selection tailored specifically to the range of personalities in your office. We ask each staff member about their eyewear preferences before we arrive so if you are looking for a subtle, refined frame but your co-worker wants a bright green statement sunglass, we’ll have you both covered with uniquely curated selections of frames for each of you to try on in the comfort of your own office space.

With an Optician on Wheels, the benefits are endless. Aside from the convenience and efficiency that having frames right in your office brings, you can turn your co-workers into fashion-advisers-on-standby to make sure that your selection will turn heads at work. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to see your work set-up so that we can better recommend the best lens type for you. Really, everybody wins when you book an in-office visit from our opticians!

If you or your office is interested in booking an in-office appointment with us, send us a message at or save even more time with our new booking calendar which can be found here!