Service – it’s something we, as a society, value immensely and just like society, we hold service to the highest standard over here at The Optical Shoppe. In any retail store, there is an expectation that the people helping you find what you need are experts in their field, allowing them to provide you with the best service they possibly can. If you’ve ever been in an understaffed grocery store looking for the gluten-free aisle, then you know exactly how frustrating and confusing it can be when efficient, quality customer service isn’t part of your shopping experience. Service truly is the cornerstone of any successful retail experience. 

As an optical dispensary, we believe that a commitment to service is even more important than your average retail store. To us, service means helping others so we are willing to do everything in our power to make sure that you get the best possible vision you can. One of the ways that we do this is by adopting a people-first attitude in everything we do. The moment you walk through our doors, you become a part of The Optical Shoppe family and with that comes three honest fashion advisers who want to get to know who you are. We love making connections because when we know about your day-to-day activities and interests, we can better suggest lenses and frames that will optimize your ability to participate in your passions. It is our aim to make every patient at The Optical Shoppe feel at home in our store so that you can comfortably share details about your health that may play a role in your vision, and as someone who scratched his lenses walking face first into a brick wall, I can guarantee that The Optical Shoppe is a certified no-judgement zone. 

Like I said earlier, any retail employee should be an expert on every facet of the product they are selling and as opticians, we took that personally. It is our duty to educate and inform every patient we have about what their prescription means for their vision. That’s why all of the full-time employees at The Optical Shoppe have gone through opticianry schooling and are licensed professionals under a provincially established regulating body so not only are we experts, we’ve also got the paper to prove it! Simply put, we are fountains of optical knowledge at your disposal whenever we’re open. Even if you can’t make it downtown to talk with us in person, you are always welcome to give us a call at (306)525-9597 and ask us any questions you might be having – we’ll skip the call menu and long hold before you finally talk to the right person and get you answers right away. 

Truly meaningful service goes beyond your singular shopping experience as well. When it comes to vision, we use glasses to manipulate light so that it bends into our eye differently which counteracts any imperfections in our regular vision. If that sounds complex, it’s because it is! There are so many moving parts to any optical prescription but here at The Optical Shoppe, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt when things don’t go according to plan. Below is a list of after-sale features you get when you choose The Optical Shoppe: 

  • Warranty on lenses: every set of lenses we make comes with a 2 year warranty that covers any and all manufacturer’s defects – we simply won’t stand for broken coatings and warped lenses! 
  • Warranty on frames: our frames are also covered by warranty for 1-2 years so if you’re dealing with a hinge that just won’t tighten, we can replace that too 
  • Free repairs: life is too short to rely on just two tiny screws to keep your vision intact which is why we have an abundance of screws in the back just in case you find yourself missing one. 
  • Free adjustments: don’t D-eye-Y it, let us take a look instead! We have all the right tools for the job and adjustments are one of our favourite things to do here. 
  • Re-do policy: there have been too many times where glasses from the internet look fantastic on your face, but your vision is worse than before. Instead of having to buy a whole new set, we determine the issue and solve it at no extra charge to the wearer 

We love when glasses are perfect as soon as you put them on, but we are never afraid of a challenge in the name of getting you the best eyesight possible. 

Service is a tool that pushes us to do better and as such, it has been a driving force for many of the advancements we have made today. Cell phones are constantly updating themselves to better serve the people who use them, and glasses are no different. Every time a progressive lens gets released, there is a new feature embedded in the lens that helps more people in a better way than before. So why does service matter? Because meaningful service means making a difference and when it comes to your vision, every difference matters.